Lee Ryan reacts to the storm caused when he asked: "Who gives a fuck about New York when elephants are being killed?"...

LEE RYAN from boyband BLUE has made a snivelling apology for remarks he made in THE SUN newspaper this morning (26 October), claiming that the terrorist strikes against NEW YORK “have been blown out of all proportion”.

In the newspaper article, Ryan also asked: “Who gives a fuck about New York when elephants are being killed?” To the consternation of his three bandmates, Ryan went on to say: “They are ignoring animals that are more important. Animals need saving and that’s more important. This New York thing is being blown out of all proportion.”

In a statement issued this afternoon on the band’s website,, Ryan said he “cried his eyes out” as he watched the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapse (the band were in New York on September 11) and that “I’m not good with words and I get mixed up”. He has promised to donate royalties from Blue’s next single to the Twin Towers Fund for victims of the attack.


Ryan’s long-term future in the band is unclear at present and the band’s label are making no comment.

Ryan’s statement in full reads:

“By now you might have heard about the stupid comments I made the other day to The Sun newspaper.

“I just wanted to say to you all how sorry I am, I can’t believe I said it. I didn’t even mean it like that and the second I said it I was like ‘Oh My God, that isn’t what I meant.’

“All I can say is that since we got back from New York we have all been asked again and again about our experiences there and, to be honest, what we saw in New York was so bad that I’ve always tried to avoid talking about it.

“New York was awful and I hate myself that people might think I don’t care. I cried my eyes out when I watched the towers collapse but I just don’t want to go on about it as if I’ve got something important to say about this tragedy….and so in my stupid aggressive way I tried to steer the conversation on to other topics.


“I’m not good with words and I get mixed up, but I know what I’m saying when I say I’m sorry.”

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