Watch the brilliant moment that Blue Ivy shut down Beyonce and Jay Z at the Grammys

She really wanted to listen to Camila Cabello

A clip of the young Blue Ivy seemingly telling her parents Beyonce and Jay Z to stop clapping at last night’s Grammys 2018 has gone viral.

The six-year-old was in attendance with her mother and father, when the camera cut to the family sat together during Camila Cabello‘s acceptance speech.

The moment was then captured and televised when Blue Ivy appeared to be signalling to the Beyonce and Jay to stop clapping so she could listen.

The clip was captured by many and has since gone viral across Twitter.

It wasn’t the only time that Beyonce and Jay Z went viral last night. They did the same when an image was shared of the couple walking past an awe-struck elderly lady.

Cabello meanwhile, used her acceptance speech to deliver a powerful message about immigration.

“Today, in this room full of music’s dreamers, we remember that this country was built by dreamers, for dreamers, chasing the American dream,’ the 20-year-old said. “I’m here on this stage tonight because, just like the dreamers, my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope. They showed me what it means to work twice as hard and never give up. And honestly no part of my journey is any different from theirs.

“I’m a proud Cuban-Mexican immigrant, born in Eastern Havana, standing in front of you on the Grammy stage in New York City, and all I know is, just like dreams, these kids can’t be forgotten and are worth fighting for.”