Mike Myers turned down chance to perform with Blur dressed as Austin Powers

Comedy actor was too busy to join band at upcoming gig, Damon Albarn reveals

Damon Albarn has revealed that he asked Mike Myers to perform ‘Parklife’ with Blur in New York City at the end of this month.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the frontman was asked if there will be any surprise guests at the Madison Square gig on October 23. Albarn said he had something planned but was struggling to bring it together.

“It’s going to be very interesting performing a song like ‘Parklife’ in Madison Square Garden. I haven’t got any answers to this, but I’m trying to find an American comic actor to perform it. I think that would be really fun. I asked Mike Myers – he’s a lovely guy. I imagined him as Austin Powers doing ‘Parklife.’ It’d be quite a wonderful thing. But unfortunately he couldn’t do it.”

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In the interview, Albarn also discussed his complicated feelings towards playing gigs with Blur as well as how some of the band’s biggest UK hits translate to an American audience.

Asked if he still enjoys playing with Blur, Albarn said he tries “to avoid it like the plague” but admits he can’t help but enjoy himself once he steps on stage. “As soon as we get off, I say, ‘Never again,’ Albarn said. “It’s very strange. There has to be some sort of psychological paper that explains that emotion of trying to not do something; and then doing it, and then loving it; and then as soon as you’ve done it, trying not to do it again.”

As reported earlier this week (October 12), Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are working on a new Gorillaz album, with the release scheduled for 2016.

Speaking to NME, Hewlett also confirmed that his focus for 2016 will be Gorillaz and that the music he has heard so far is “great”. He added that it is “too early” to know about guest stars but live shows will definitely happen.

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