Blur’s Graham Coxon calls Kanye West ‘a fucking idiot’

'The lyrics just seem to be idiotic,' Britpop guitarist says in new interview

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has labelled Kanye West a “fucking idiot” in a new interview.

The band – who released their first album in 12 years ‘The Magic Whip’ in April – recently spoke to The Guardian, when Coxon was asked his opinion on the rapper.

“He’s a fucking idiot, isn’t he?” Coxon is quoted as saying. “Does he even make his own albums?”

Coxon continued to bemoan the state of modern music: “People aren’t interested in learning instruments and putting effort and time into it. They want it immediately. It’s McDonalds, isn’t it? It’s convenient.

He added that he wasn’t impressed with the work of the likes of Kanye West: “All I hear is a loop starting, some bloke starts to sing or rap, and the loop finishes. There’s no shape to this stuff. And the lyrics just seem to be idiotic.”


In the same interview, Blur revealed details of what they labelled the ‘Punching Game’, a game the band used to play while on tour that involved taking turns to hit each other.

“There was one tour in America that I had two black eyes,” bassist Alex James claimed. “One from Graham and one from Dave. And Damon broke my nose once. But you know… there was never any question we would split up. We were tighter than ever.”

“Dave used to play this game called the Punching Game,” James continued. “We all took it in turns to punch each other. I remember playing it with the bass player from Dinosaur Jr… he was fucking massive. Taller than me. He lumped the shit out of everyone.”

Drummer Dave Rowntree recalled: “It wasn’t playful, it really hurt. We’d sit on chairs in a big circle and everyone would punch the person to their left as hard as they liked in the head, and it would go on round.”

“Generally it wasn’t too bad. You rarely fell off your chair from being punched in the head too hard, mainly because we were always too drunk.”