Blur release their own ‘Travel To Hong Kong With Blur’ comic book

The comic is illustrated by Hong Kong artist Kongkee

Blur have released their very own comic book.

The comic, illustrated by Hong Kong artist Kongkee, is titled Travel To Hong Kong With Blur and follows the band’s members as they “undertake a traditional Manhua, futuristic adventure” in the Asian-Pacific country.

The comic can be bought here for £10. Scroll below to see a picture of the comic.


The Britpop band recorded their album ‘The Magic Whip’ in Hong Kong last year, before releasing it in April. It was their first record in 12 years, following on from 2003’s ‘Think Tank’.

To promote their LP, which features an ice cream cone on the sleeve, Blur launched their very own brand of ice cream. The Magic Whip ice cream was created in conjunction with dairy specialist The Licktators and is described as “a dairy vanilla custard ice cream rippled with raspberry sauce”.


Meanwhile, Blur’s Graham Coxon recently said that his band would support Oasis for £250m.

The tongue-in-cheek comment was made by the guitarist in response to Noel Gallagher’s recent claim that he would reform Oasis for “half a billion” and bandmate Alex James’ subsequent suggestion that Oasis should support Blur on tour.

“That’s just Alex being provocative. For a quarter of a billion, we’ll support them,” Coxon said in an interview with The Mail On Sunday.