Damon Albarn: ‘I want to write a musical on Blur’s ‘The Great Escape”

Singer says he's looking at making the 1995 LP into a period piece

Damon Albarn has said he’d like to make Blur‘s 1995 album ‘The Great Escape’ into a musical.

The Gorillaz man, who recently wrapped up his opera ‘Dr Dee’ in Manchester, said he is looking into creating his first production on his old band.

“‘The Great Escape’ I’ve always thought that could be a great musical,” he told BANG Showbiz. “We wrote that record as we were playing out the Britpop explosion with ‘Parklife’. We were in the studio and every day I would go in and write about something that had happened in the papers. So it’s a snapshot in time.”

He added: “Maybe at the time it was a little bit too arch in its observations because it was too close. But now with the distance it might be a good thing to stage as a period piece.”

The singer also said he will continue touring with ‘Dr Dee’ next year.

“The first day after the run felt a bit empty, but I know it’s there and I’m going to do a little bit more work on it, fine tune it here and there,” he said.

Albarn added:

People now know what to expect in a way, so it will be a more interesting run-up to it next year because it will be, ‘Oh this is what it is’ whereas before it was, ‘What the fuck was that?’

He is set to team up with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and Tony Allen, for a special show at the London Barbican later this month.