Blur’s Dave Rowntree fails to get elected in UK general election

Drummer says 'vote held up well' despite losing out in London

Blur‘s Dave Rowntree has failed to become an MP after running for the first time as a parliamentary candidate in yesterday’s (May 6) UK general election.

The drummer was standing as the Labour Party candidate in the Cities Of London And Westminster constituency, but lost out by 11,076 votes to Conservative Mark Field.

“I came second, vote held up well,” Rowntree wrote on Twitter after gaining 8,188 votes.

The Blur man also paid tribute to fellow Labour candidate Karen Buck, who was re-elected in the nearby Westminster North constituency.

Karen Buck kept her seat,” he wrote. “Fantastic result!”

No single party has an overall majority in the House Of Commons following the UK election, although the Conservatives are predicted to win the most seats.

It is expected that the parties will now enter into talks with each other before it is decided who will form a government in the next parliament.