Blur ‘in touch’ about getting together again in 2011

But Dave Rowntree says 'nothing concrete' is confirmed

Blur look set to reconvene again in 2011 – according to drummer Dave Rowntree.

However, he admitted any plans for any new material from the four-piece are still up in the air.

Rowntree, who was speaking to NME in his role as an ambassador for the Featured Artists Coalition, said though the band are “in touch” they’ve got no “concrete plans”.

Last November frontman Damon Albarn said that the band were planning on reconvening in January, but Rowntree said they’re still only talking about plans rather than working on new songs quite yet.

“We’re in touch,” he said. “But we’ve got nothing concrete and nothing formalised about doing anything.”

A few websites had reported rumours that Blur could make an appearance on the UK festival circuit this summer, but Rowntree said it was extremely unlikely to happen. “You can’t really play the festivals or try and get a big tour together until you release something,” he said.

Rowntree was also keen to hail the news that two major UK record labels have announced plans to release singles from their artists as soon as they are played on the radio.

“I think it’s a great thing,” he said. “It’s a step for the industry in moving to a digital mindset from an analogue one. We all know you can’t control a song’s distribution once it gets on the radio so this is the industry leaping ahead to meet the demand. I think it’ll really help.”

He also said he believed the move would really benefit new artists, adding: “It’s newer bands that suffer the most from piracy, so this will surely help. Bands need to be able to make a living and anything that helps them do that is a positive thing.”

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