Travis are "cheese on toast" music, while Limp Bizkit are simply "shit"...

DAMON ALBARN is the latest music star to enter in a celebrity feud, describing Travis as “cheese on toast” music and Limp Bizkit as “shit”.

In an upcoming interview with NME, the Blur frontman said he’d given up completely on guitar bands because of their “attitude” and was more interested in African musicians – he’s recently completed a tour of Mali where he worked collaborated with traditional Mali musicians.

Speaking last week, Albarn said: “It’s the attitude that goes with guitar bands which I can’t stand generally – especially English guitar bands…Travis..I’ve got no problem with their melodies, a little derivative on occasions; if you imagine creating a world around a Travis record, ie the way roads would look, and the way housing would look and the transport system. I don’t wanna live in that world.

“It doesn’t upset me in the way Limp Bizkit does, I just think the culinary equivalent of Travis is cheese on toast: a nice thing occasionally but if you had it all the time, really bad for you.”

In the interview, which is scheduled to appear in next week’s NME, Albarn goes on to criticise Limp Bizkit, saying: “I can’t stand them. Can’t stand anything like that. I guess it’s probably ‘cos I’m too old too understand it. It sounds shit as well, to the ear its really kind of cheap sound. They don’t seem to have a real joy in the texture of sound.”

Albarn also reveals that he’s started writing the new Blur album and claimed that in contrast to Travis‘ “cheest on toast” world, Blur was “a bit more like the real world. Very eclectic and diverse.”