Graham Coxon: ‘I want Blur to play ‘Think Tank’ songs live’

Guitarist says the band can't wait to get back onstage

Graham Coxon has given Blur the go-ahead to play songs from 2003 album ‘Think Tank’ at their summer gigs – despite only playing on one song of the album himself.

The guitarist walked out on the band part-way through the recording process for ‘Think Tank’, and consequently only featured on ‘Battery In Your Leg’ – the album’s final song.

Speaking to The Sun about Blur’s forthcoming live gigs, Coxon said he was adamant the band should play tracks from the album.

“I specifically told the band that we should play ‘Think Tank’. I was very keen on that,” he explained.

Coxon, who played a secret solo show on Saturday (April 25) at Camden’s Spread Eagle pub, also gave more details about what fans could expect from Blur‘s live shows this summer.

“We’ll play for about two hours and do all the old favourites like ‘Country House’ and ‘Parklife’,” he said, adding that the band’s rehearsals are so far going even better than they had hoped for.

“We’re pretty much there now. If we needed to go on stage tomorrow we could – the show would be a mess but I quite like it like that. We all know the words now – we just need to learn to play the songs a bit better.”

As well as festival slots at Glastonbury, Oxygen and T In The Park, Blur are set to play gigs in London, Manchester, Colchester, Newcastle, Wolverhampton and Southend.