Blur man to write column for political magazine

Bassist bags his own fortnightly slot

Blur bassist Alex James has been signed up to write a fortnightly column in The Spectator.

The magazine is a conservative-leaning publication, which may jar with some of James‘ fans, although it also has a history of writers from more liberal political persuasions.

The bassist has become a prolific writer since his band went on hiatus after the release of 2003’s ‘Think Tank’. He has written a book, ‘A Bit Of A Blur’, about his experiences in the band, and has also contributed to newspapers such as The Guardian.

The Spectator‘s editor, Mathew D’Ancona described his new columnist as “a metropolitan artist who has moved to the country…[who] writes of both worlds with wit, charm and wonderful observation”, adding that he was “delighted” to have the Blur man onboard.

Alex James‘ columns are set to begin some time next month.

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