Fat Les to spoil Embrace World Cup party

Alex James says offical tune can 'suck my cock'

Blur bassist Alex James and Fat Les are planning to spoil Embrace’s World Cup party with the announcement that they are considering writing a rival song for the tournament.

Embrace are set to soundtrack the sporting summer with the official England World Cup song, ‘World At Your Feet’.

However, upset at the choice, James is in talks about doing his own song, along with Fat Les mate Keith Allen, and possibly even Echo And The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch too.

“Every winter I forget how cold it gets, and it’s like that with every World Cup – you forget how fucking huge it is,” the Blur bassist told NME.COM. “The whole world comes to a halt. People have been saying, ‘Are you going to do a football record?’ and I’m like, ‘No’, but you start getting a sniff of it. And it’s like, ‘Embrace?’. I’d do a fucking better job than that. Keith Allen’s been calling. I’ve been thinking about it.”

He added: “Ian McCulloch’s been singing ‘Come on, come on, you fucking England’ to the Bryan Ferry song ‘Let’s Stick Together’. You take the backing track from that, stick McCulloch singing ‘Come on, come on, you fucking England!’ and Embrace can fucking suck my cock.”

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