The star is still lamenting the loss of his pal from the band...

DAMON ALBARN has spoken again about his relationship with GRAHAM COXON – saying there’s a “horrible hole in sound” now he’s out of BLUR.

Albarn was recently quoted as saying he’s waiting for Coxon to rejoin the band before thinking about a new Blur record.

Speaking to Radio 1 today, the singer explained the situation. He said: “I grew up with Graham and it’s really confusing when you grow apart from someone who you grew up with. I’ve only got a sister so I did consider him for many years to be like my brother and it’s a real shame that there’s been such a breakdown in communication.

”But as far as playing again live I can’t play any other stuff that he worked (on) without him. I feel that there’s a horrible hole in the sound if he’s not there and obviously if we could get back or move forward to a time when everyone felt comfortable again… I don’t quite understand why there’s such a tension because when we actually meet in a room together, all of us, we all get on fine.”