Fatboy Slim claims the guitarist features on "none" of the new album...

FATBOY SLIM has claimed GRAHAM COXON has left BLUR.

The future of Blur has been in doubt since a tabloid newspaper claimed the guitarist had left following an explosive row with singer Damon Albarn.

The claims appeared to gain some credence after Coxon revealed to NME.COM that he didn’t even know that his band mates had been to Morocco to record parts for the new album.

Now, Fatboy Slim, who has been working with the band as producer, has said that Coxon has definitely left.

“Graham has left” he told Evening Session in Northern Ireland. He also claimed that Coxon wrote “none” of the album before his departure. “No. He didn’t turn up to the recording and that was the final straw,” he added.

However, he said that the band have not split. There is currently no official confirmation of Coxon’s departure from the band.

Speaking about the album, Damon Albarn told NME.COM: “We’ve done about 25 songs. I don’t think we can fit them all on one album. We’re working to finish it for that kind of release date (January) but there’s so much stuff to work through. It will take as long as we need to take but we don’t intend it taking much longer than January.”