Tabloid reports that the old rivals will both release new albums in June have been refuted...

A spokesperson for Blur has denied tabloid reports that the group will go head-to-head with Oasis with their new album releases later this year.

Oasis have now almost completed work on their new studio album, which as reported previously on NME.COM, has been given a working title of ‘Heathen Chemistry’.

The record was due for completion late last year, but Noel Gallagher delayed the release while his brother Liam completed his vocal duties.

Now, according to today’s The Sun newspaper (January 17), the record will be released in June, the same month as the new album from Britpop rivals Blur.

Blur finally started recording their new album late last year – putting paid to rumours of fall-outs amongst the group and fears they had finally split.

Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree started writing together in Damon’s own Ladbroke Grove studio after months apart following the phenomenal success of Damon’s side project Gorillaz.

Blur are rumoured to have completed ten songs for the album. However, a spokesperson for the group told NME.COM the album is still far from complete, and the band haven’t themselves talked about a release date yet. She added that everyone is “very pleased” with the progress made so far.

A spokesperson for Oasis also dismissed the report.