The Blur singer says his big-selling side project "must be doing well" if it upsets the Oasis frontman...

BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN has responded to scathing criticism from LIAM GALLAGHER over his GORILLAZ side project claiming if “it’s got LIAM upset again so it must be doing well.”

Albarn would not be not be drawn into a war of words with the Oasis frontman, saying he didn’t “have a problem” with Liam tagging Gorillaz as music for three-year-olds. “We live in very trying times and I think there should be an emphasis on understanding and multi-racial communication and transfer of ideas and emotion,” he said, obliquely. “There’s no room for that kind of bullshit anymore, where are we going to go if people have that kind of attitude?”

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Albarn also said he finds it “weird” that Gorillaz are currently bigger than Blur.

“You end up being in competition with yourself which is a bizarre scenario. I would like to just see it as progression and if we make another Blur album, it would be a progression from that,” he said.

Albarn also confirmed Blur would go into the studio in November to begin work on a new album. Fatboy Slim has been mooted as producer on the record.