And Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook looks to be back on board as co-producer...

BLUR have travelled to MOROCCO to finish their new album, and NORMAN COOK looks to be back on board as a co-producer.

The group’s new album is now almost complete, and could be released at the start of next year. Tired of recording in London, they flew out to north Africa and to Marrakesh for inspiration. However, because recording equipment is scarce, they have flown out their own.

Writing to fans on the Blur website, bassist Alex James explained the band’s decision. “I’ve never been to Africa before, I suppose the idea at the bottom of this is to escape from whatever ghetto we’re in and free ourselves by going somewhere new and exciting”, he said. “We arrived after dark and were bundled into a knackered jeep, which trundled down smaller and smaller roads until it couldn’t fit. We had to walk the last few hundred yards around a labyrinth. I’ve never seen streets like this before. They are more like narrow corridors. The walls that surround you have no windows, just the occasional wooden door.”

James said that the atmosphere brought back memories of when the group started out. He continued: “Our bedrooms were full of people having a party so we were up until everyone had gone. I ended up sharing a bed with Damon, just like the old days! Maybe it’s just because it’s all new, but it seems very very alive. That’s all we’re after.”

Blur have returned to London, and are working on the songs. Norman Cook is in the studio with them.