Alex James and Graham Coxon bump into each other...

BLUR‘s ALEX JAMES has finally met up with estranged bandmember GRAHAM COXON.

Speaking last year, James said he was planning on calling Coxon, who has been barely involved in the recording of the group’s new album.

Now, writing on, the bassist has revealed that the pair met for a friendly trip to the shops, which, he says, was “alright”.


He also took time out to give an update on the band’s new album. He wrote: “(The album is) being masterized (sic) by some hip fuck with a jazzy name. Whatever. We have to make videos now and be cool at all times in case someone is looking.”

Finally, Alex reminisced on a memory of Joe Strummer, who died shortly before Christmas. “I once spent a whole afternoon writing Joe Strummer a reference so he could join a posh drinking club,” he wrote. “The next time I picked up the NME there he was annihilating Blurwith some carefully considered invective. Then the fucker died. We all cried.”

Blur‘s new album is due towards the end of April.

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