Bassist Alex James reveals the band's future plans...

BLUR are planning to make a film.

The four-piece are working on their new album in their own studio, and are looking toward a release in the early part of next year.

Writing to fans on the Blur website, www.blur.co.uk, bassist Alex James has written a series of ‘diary’ entries from the studio. He said that as the band get older, they rely less on being “psychically charged” than before.

“Being soberer, probably all of us more sensible than at any point in our lives so far, has led to some changes in emphasis”, he said. “I think previously we felt a need to be psychically charged to make good music. What we did during the day was informed by reckless gallivanting in the dark. There was a consensus that good music – which is a reflection of your deepest desires and all the things you care about – can’t be made by people who go to bed early.”

He revealed that all four members of the band have “grown up”, and although the “dynamic” of the group has changed, the new album is starting to take shape.

He continued: “You pour your heart into it everyday, you never really know what you’re going to get till you’ve got it but something is happening. Everything flows.”

James also said that outside of the album work, the band are ” talking to various people about making a film”.

He explained: “When Hollywood films get made, they put the music on last, and then use the music to sell the film. We’ve started with the music. The ninety-minute Hollywood film is rarely any one person’s vision anymore. It gets too watered down. A song is always someone’s vision and there are great possibilities, but people in bands generally tend to be good at making music specifically, rather than good film makers, which is why you get so many crap videos of bands performing. Watch this space.”