Damon Albarn says the record is one of the most "radical things we've ever done"...

BLUR‘s “radical” new album sounds like a cross between”CAN and LED ZEPPELIN“, according to DAMON ALBARN.

As previously reported, the group have recorded approximately 14 songs for their new album, and intend to go back into the studio next month to work more.

Saying the follow-up to ’13’ is one of “the most radical things we’ve ever done”, Albarn explained the band’s progress. He told Rolling Stone: “I think it sort of sounds a bit more like Can meets Led Zeppelin. Everyone in the band is playing really simply. The emphasis has been on making something grow and getting it simple, but right.

Depsite rumours that Fatboy Slim was to produce the record, is now seems he will only work on a couple of songs, much later in the recording process.

“There are a couple of tracks he could work on,” Albarn concluded. “At the end of a recording period I do like to get someone in to see if they can help make it better, but we don’t really have ‘producers’ anymore. The days where someone held our hand through the entire process are long gone.”

The first single is likely to be titled ‘Don’t Bomb When You Are the Bomb’.