But confusion does seem to reign around follow up to '13'...

The new BLUR album will definitely be released in January, according to frontman DAMON ALBARN.

The as yet untitled follow-up to 1999’s ’13’ has been the subject of much speculation oscillating between rumours of its near completion and it just being at the beginning of the process.

Speaking to MTV last weekend ahead of a Gorillaz live show, Albarn was keen to nail the rumours.

“The record itself will definitely be out in January,” he said. “We’ll put a white label out in the next couple of months and it won’t have our name on it, but it’ll take a lot of people by surprise. We’re hoping people play it not knowing who it is.”

Albarn added that Blur had benefited from the work he had been involved in with the Gorillaz project. “Hopefully the record we’re just finishing will represent a shift,” he said. “We’re working with some really interesting producers, Neptunes and Norman Cook [Fatboy Slim].”

However, his remarks have caused confusion within the Blur camp. A spokesperson said this afternoon that despite his remarks, the album had no definite release date scheduled, and that while some producers had been approached none had been confirmed. A spokesperson for Neptunes confirmed that the super-producer duo had been approached, but could not confirm which, if any, tracks had been completed. Fatboy Slim recently told NME he wasn’t sure if he was needed for the LP following a drunken row with Albarn

In addition, Albarn hinted that Gorillaz may head off now in a new direction.

“It’s probably our last ever gig, before we morph into a film,” he said of the animated group. “Next time anyone will see them is in a blockbuster.”