The star claims the split details are "too personal"...

BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN has said he won’t discuss the departure of GRAHAM COXON in future interviews.

Coxon’s contribution to the band’s new record has only been minimal, after the guitarist claimed he had been told he was no longer wanted in recording sessions.

Although Coxon has been outspoken on the issue of his departure, Albarn said that it remains too personal for him to discuss.

“When we’ve finished this record we’ll talk exactly what the record is about,” he told the band’s fanclub magazine. “But we’re not going to talk about why Graham isn’t in the band any more. It really is, from my point of view, a private thing – and we’re not going to waste any time and breath talking to the press about what is essentially a private thing.

“Because you know what the press is like and the press have no respect for private life. If you take that policy of not discussing personal things in the press, it is always very difficult to talk to the press because they demand that of you.”

Blur have now finished their new album, which is due for release early next year.