The 'Out Of Time' promo is based on a documentary shot on a US warship in The Gulf...

The video for BLUR‘s new single ‘OUT OF TIME’ is a fly-on-the-wall clip shot on a US Navy warship on duty in the Gulf.

Damon Albarn has become one of the most outspoken members of the British music community against a war in Iraq, over the last six months, financing a number of adverts in the NME.

For the video for ‘Out Of Time’, released on April 14, the band have teamed up with director John Hardwick.


A statement on Blur immediately knew that they had their finished video.

“(The video) is based on a 60 minute documentary…shot in October 2002. The film explores the lives of the men and women serving on the warship. From the various stories detailed in (the) documentary, John drew out and cut together a moving portrait of a young female Marine, separated from her partner and her young son at home.”

John Hardwick added: “It occurred to me that some of the personnel revealed in that film communicated a fragility that I felt was echoed in the song. Putting the two together was a comparatively simple task. The video offers an alternative perspective on the individuals who exist at the sharp end of government policy by portraying the armed forces as being staffed by people who have the same needs as all others.”

Blur‘s new album, ‘Think Tank’ is released on May 5.

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