No sign of the stars of 'Live Forever', such as Oasis and Blur...

It may have been a film celebrating the glorious years of BRITPOP, but at last night’s (March 3) premiere of ‘LIVE FOREVER’ in LONDON stars such as LIAMand NOEL GALLAGHER and DAMON ALBARN were thin on the ground.

In fact fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the Oasis brothers at the UGC Haymarket were left to make do with bandmate Gem Archer, a pair of Liam and Noel lookalikes from the tribute band Wonderwall, Andy Bell, Pearl from Powder, Massive Attack, actress Rachel Weisz and Darius Danesh.

‘Live Forever’ ‘ depicts the explosion of Cool Britannia and features with outrageous banter from the Gallagher brothers, 3D from [a][/a], Jarvis Cocker andDamon Albarn.


From the Stone Roses‘ pivotal 1990 Spike Island gig, to the manufactured bands of today, the film encapsulates the mid-nineties, when homegrown talent flourished in all creative fields. From fashion to art to music, the film celebrates the best of the British.

‘Live Forever’ is John Dower’s theatrical directorial debut and hits UK screens on March 21.

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