The former Blur axeman is reunited with producer Stephen Street...

GRAHAM COXON has finished recording his new solo album which has seen the reunion of the guitarist with producer STEPHEN STREET.

Street, who worked on the first five Blurrecords, claims that the album is Coxon’s most impressive solo effort – also likening it to early Blur.

“It’s not quite as garage-y as some of the earlier stuff,” he told Under The Radar magazine. “There’s quite a few acoustic things on there and the songs are just a lot poppier than they were before. There are actually a few really good choruses in there and he’s also getting more and more confident singing.”

Street also described the sound of the new album. He said: “There’s a lot of [a][/a]-type stuff on there, which has always been very prevalent on all the Blurstuff. There is also some really nice mellow stuff on there too that’s similar to Beck‘s latest album.”

He added: “Lots of strings and all that. Then there’s the good old rockers he’s going for as well. I rate Graham very highly as a guitar player so it’s really great to hear him let loose on a few things.”

A title, tracklisting or release date have not yet been confirmed, although rumours are circulating that boogie and blues pianist Louis Vause and a “special guest drummer” will feature on the album.

Street revealed: “It’s going to be difficult choosing a running order because we’ve recorded 15 tracks. Those will probably be whittled down to 10 or 12. It’s a good situation to be in.”