The band adapt to life in the African country while continuing work on their new album...

BLUR are adapting to life in MOROCCO, although bassist ALEX JAMES says it’s taken him a while to get used to life in Africa.

Blur have decided to spend just over a month in Marrakesh with producer Fatboy Slim finishing their album, due for release early next year.

Writing to fans on the band’s official website, James said that after some delays they’ve now put together their studio, and are recording.

“We’ve built a state of the art recording studio on the edge of the desert,” he said. “It took a week to get the big loud speakers, which were specially built in Denmark, out of customs. They lie to you and take your money. One of them lied, took my money, and then went for my arse.”

James said that it took a little while to get used to the Moroccan lifestyle, but he is now into the swing of things.

He continued: “We love it here, the pushy, pokey, grabby, hassle of Marrakesh is actually fine once you realise it’s just New York in a foreign language…It’s a bit like ‘Bladerunner’, and life penetrates every nook.”

The new album is due for release next year.