The Blur frontman shows he's got a social conscience. Tomorrow - Liam Gallagher on immigration...

DAMON ALBARN has spoken out in support of a new campaign attempting to change American policy on global warming.

According to Blur frontman met Edinburgh South Labour MP Nigel Griffiths last week, to discuss his lobbying of the US on air pollution policy.

Earlier in the month press reports claimed US president Bush was opposed to the 1997 Kyoto treaty, which aims to cut the greenhouse gases which lead to global warming.

Following the meeting, Albarn said: “I care deeply about the future of our planet and we have to get every country to play a part in cutting greenhouse gasses and other pollution. Nigel’s campaign deserves everyone’s support.”

Griffiths added: “We are delighted to have Damon’s support, which shows the widespread appeal of the campaign and reflects the urgency of the cause of global warming.”