Damon Albarn and 3-D step up their opposition to the proposed conflict in Iraq...

DAMON ALBARN and ROBERT ‘3-D’ DEL NAJA are keeping up their pressure on the UK Government’s policy on Iraq by signing an open letter delivered to DOWNING STREET today (September 18).

As previously reported, the two have designed and financed a number of adverts that appear in NME – aimed at raising awareness of opposition to any British involvement in a US led attack on Iraq.

Albarn and 3-D are working with CND and the ‘Stop The War’ coalition, who are organising a demonstration in London (September 28).

Today an open letter was delivered to Downing Street outlining their opposition. Others who signed the letter included Brian Eno, and TV stars Mark Lamarr and Mark Thomas.

The letter reads: “Under the present circumstances we believe an invasion of Iraq would be unjustifiable and could have potentially horrific ramifications. It would open a Pandora’s box which may be impossible to close.

“Nations across the Middle East as well as many of our European neighbours have indicated their opposition to an attack on Iraq, which presents terrible dangers to the region and the world.

“We urge the British government to announce that it will not support any military assault being planned by the USA and will listen to both world opinion and the clear views of its own electorate.

“We urge our fellow citizens to join us in speaking out against this war by attending the ‘Don’t Attack Iraq’ demonstration in London on 28 September. The vast majority of ordinary men and women of all creeds and walks of life wish to co-exist peacefully. If you agree, be there, say so, and help ensure our government takes a calm and sane stance on this life-and-death issue.”