Bassist Alex James gets excited - but it looks like Graham Coxon will not be joining them...

An excited ALEX JAMES has announced BLUR fly out to MOROCCO next week.

James, who has been preparing for the trip over the last week, wrote on the band’s official website, Fatboy Slim is set to travel with them, but NME.COM understands absent guitarist Graham Coxon will not be present at the sessions when they finish the follow-up to ’13’.

James wrote: “I look at the future and my heart beats faster. My state of mind, my home and the axis of love have all shifted and I wake up whistling. The studio is on a lorry heading south. We leave Tuesday.

“I spent this morning planning the flight with Dave. We route La Rochelle, Nimes, Barcelona, Valencia, Gibraltar, Tangiers to Marrakesh. We have flying suits. It’s all good. Music sounds louder at the moment. I write songs in taxis and in the bath. It’s all good. Unknown pleasures await.”