The star directs NME to the band's Coxon-free webcam and says "Draw your own conclusions"...

DAMON ALBARN has refused to refute rumours of GRAHAM COXON leaving BLUR.

Following a tabloid report of a blazing row and NME’s revelation that the guitarist had been absent from recording sessions and was unaware that the rest of Blur had decamped to Morocco, rumours Coxon is out of the band for good have been growing.

As a result, NME.COM contacted Damon Albarn. In an exclusive interview the frontman told us to ‘”draw your own conclusions” when asked to verify the rumour that Coxon is not in the group.

“It’s very simple,” he said. “You just go to Blur. It says it all, you don’t need to listen to what anyone says in a paper. It’s all there. It’s all there on the television. You know that everybody believes in the television these days.”

NME.COM pointed out that on the webcam, Coxon doesn’t appear in the studio like the other members, and asked if that meant he had left the band. Again, Albarn was ambiguous, and unwilling to confirm the guitarist was still with Blur. He continued: “Well, if you make that conclusion….that’s your conclusion and that’s fair enough if that’s what you think. Then that’s what it is. I haven’t got anything to say really. We’ve been working. Graham is on the record, Graham has always been a member of Blur.”

NME.COM asked: and is he still now?

Albarn replied: “Just go to[url=]”

The band’s management have issued a new statement. Chris Morrison, manager of Blur, said: “Graham is not in the studio with Blur at the moment. He has been in the studio and done some work. Currently he is preparing for the release of his own album. Blur and Graham are currently contemplating and deciding among themselves what the future arrangements will be.”

For more on the Blur situation, see this week’s NME, which is out nationwide now.