Damon's onstage Reading announcement promises Wembley spectacular...

Damon Albarn has thrown the future of Blur into doubt announcing onstage from Reading 99 that (after Leeds) they are to play two more gigs – a B-sides show in Camden on Wednesday followed by a Wembley show where they will play all their singles in order (possibly even ‘Bang’ – a song they vowed never to play again).

He added ‘And then we’re going to do something else…’ a phrase which many observers felt indicated a very long holiday or even a split.

With a box set of every Blur single due this Autumn, a South Bank Show special, an official biography, bizarre onstage pronouncements from T in the Park and a singles concert it appears Blur are rounding up the loose ends of their 10-year history before moving on. Whether this will be a re-invention similar to that which accompanied ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ or ‘Blur’ is not currently clear.


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