Blur's next single is likely to be 'Black Book', a track premiered at London's recent Meltdown...

Blur‘s next single is almost certain to be the track ‘BLACK BOOK’, which they unveiled at their recent Meltdown gig in LONDON.

According to the band’s spokesperson, no word has yet come from their record company to confirm the rumours, and no scheduled release date has been made public. But it is likely that the song will be the next release from Blur, who have been keeping a low profile this year.

As revealed by guitarist Graham Coxon – who has just completed a successful solo tour of the UK saying he would like to do more solo live work in future – on yesterday (July 16), one new song will be on the band’s forthcoming “best of” album. The title and tracklisting have still to be finalised, but the spokesperson said it looks like ‘Black Book’ could well be the new song Coxon’s referring to.

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