Frontman Damon Albarn says they won't ever play their old singles again...plus Damon works on new film soundtrack...

Blur frontman DAMON ALBARN claims last year’s ‘Singles Nights’ gigs were the band’s way of saying goodbye to their back catalogue and turning their back on pop stardom.

The gigs were held in December last year to promote the release of Blur’s singles box-set, but now Damon’s confirmed long-standing industry rumours the event signified the end of the Blur as we know it.

Damon told The Independent newspaper: “I don’t want to play any of the stuff ever again. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to do another record, but the older you get, the more you appreciate certain parts of your personality.”

“That’s still a huge part of my life and can never be replaced by anything else. But it can never be the whole picture.”

“I wanted to give myself some options so that I know I don’t have to rely on the image that I have to keep working.”

During the interview, Damon also revealed that he and ex-Sugarcubes singer Einar had recorded a cover of The Kink’s classic ‘Lola’ for a new film ‘Reykjavik 101’ – based on the Icelandic club scene.

Damon said: “They (the film’s chacters) are into very aggressive deep house – no strings, no brass. The lead character is called Lola, so we do an Icelandic dub version of the Kinks song. But the budget was small, so we only had five days – it was mostly improvised on my melodica.”

Release dates for ‘Reykjavik 101’ have yet to be fixed, but it’s thought the film will be out sometime later this year.

Damon also reignited his feud with the Gallagher brothers, this time commenting on their recent bust-up with Robbie Williams which resulted in Noel calling Robbie a “fat dancer”, Robbie sending a funeral wreath to Noel’s home and then Liam threatening to break Robbie’s nose. Damon said: “Oasis? They’re doing the whole thing again aren’t they? But this time with Robbie Williams – they’re in a slagging match with him now. They obviously haven’t moved on a great deal.”

“Do I have advice for them? I’ve never had anything for them. I’ve never spoken to Noel – we’re so completely different. It’s amazing that we ever managed to fit into the same country really.”