British Mars probe Beagle Two will land on the red planet to music specially composed by Blur...

A British unmanned spacecraft named Beagle Two – after Darwin‘s ship – will land on Mars and broadcast a specially written fanfare…composed by Blur.

According to a report in today’s Sunday Times full details of the project will be announced next week by Science Minister Lord Sainsbury. The probe – which will carry a Union Flag and the logo of the Open University – will blast off in May 2003 and will arrive in November.

As well as the Blur fanfare, the Britprobe will also carry a spot painting by art’s enfant terrible and Damon Albarn‘s fellow Groucho Club habituee and drinking buddy Damien Hirst.


Are Blur the best choice to broadcast from Mars? Are they the dynamic, progressive sound of British radicalism that we want to broadcast to the cosmos? Or do they adequately represent life in Blair’s Britain – half-arsed, pseudo-intellectual, under-achieving, bitter and out of date? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst

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