Band record Top Of The Pops appearance for 'No Distance Left To Run' but it isn't necessarily the new single...

Blur‘s next single will not necessarily be ‘No Distance Left To Run’ – as reported elsewhere today – despite the fact that Blur are actually recording the track today for a future Top Of The Pops.

“The band are actually going to be releasing a boxed set in September,” a spokeswoman for Blur told this morning. “The band are ten years old in September and because they’re touring. The track that they’re recording for Top Of The Pops may be just an album track around that.”

‘No Distance Left To Run’ is one of the cycle of songs on ’13’ inspired by Damon‘s break-up with Justine from Elastica.


Dave from Blur will also be doing a live webchat on the Top Of The Pops official website this afternoon at 5.30 pm BST.

Also today, 3862 Days – The Official History of Blur by Stuart Maconie is published by Virgin priced #12.99.