Blur to perform live on ‘The Tonight Show’ this week

The band will mark their first US appearance in two years on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show

It has been announced that Blur will perform live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon later this week.

The recently-reunited Britpop band will mark their first US appearance in two years on Fallon’s late-night TV show this Thursday (April 30). The group will perform tracks from their new album ‘The Magic Whip’, which is out this week (April 27).

Blur bassist Alex James recently admitted that there was “ill feeling” between he and his bandmates before their reunion. James told the Irish Independent: “There came a point around 2003 where we all needed to go off and do our own things and be other people, rather than being this four-headed monster. I wouldn’t call it animosity, but there was a little bit of ill feeling. We needed time out and to reconcile.”

He went on to add: “It is very much like a sibling relationship, or a marriage. This is a really lovely thing to dip into, because it takes us out of our lives, even though we needed to have lives outside Blur for a while. Now, it is the exact opposite. Blur is like a complete release. At this point, which you could probably call our rock gentlemen phase, everything has become very fulfilling and satisfying. We needed our downtime, but in many ways, nothing has changed too much in 27 years. The crucial difference is that doing all this now is such a complete and utter joy.”

Blur will headline British Summer Time in London’s Hyde Park on June 20. They have also been announced as a headliner for this year’s Isle Of Wight festival and Benicàssim festival in Spain.

Drummer Dave Rowntree has claimed that Blur will not be headlining Glastonbury this year.