Watch 'Music Is My Radar' in its entirety...

The video for the new Blur single ‘MUSIC IS MY RADAR’ is now exclusively available on

The video is directed by relatively new director Don Cameron, and is set in a television studio where the band members are guests. When the show goes to a commercial break, costumed dancers invade the stage area and dance to the Blur single.

The choreography for the video was done by Blanca Li, who also worked on the choreography for the Daft Punk video ‘Around The World’.

To see the new Blur video in full, click one of the following: 128 56. You will need a PC Windows Media Player.

Blur fans will also soon be able to download previously unheard collaborations between the band, Massive Attack, Cornelius and others on a new Blur radio Internet site.

The band have been putting the finishing touches on a new website,, which is set to launch on October 12.

Speaking about the project, guitarist Graham Coxon told “You can log on and there’s loads of weird kind of songs, things that aren’t so well-known, and listen to gigs and listen to interviews.

“There’s just going to be lots of things, like remixes we’ve done for other people and stuff related to us. There’s some Cornelius remixes and stuff we did with Massive Attack, and weird things that people probably don’t really know about.”

Coxon and Blur bassist Alex James will also each host one-hour segments on the site.

Finally, are constructing a Blur microsite to coincide with the release of the band’s greatest hits compilation, ‘Blur: The Best Of’, on October 30 through Food. The site will be active from October 9, and will feature archive reviews, news and features, e-cards, promotional videos and a webcast of the band’s ‘Singles Night’ show from 1999, where the band performed each of their singles in chronological order, as well as the classic 1994 show from London Alexandra Palace.