Promo electronic flyer for 'Coffee & TV' e mailed to fans...

Blur have embraced new media technology in a big way by e mailing their new single ‘Coffee And TV’ to fans who have subscribed to e mail updates on the band’s official website.

The edisc single has a snatch of the record, a video clip and a competition to win tickets for T In The Park.

The edisc – by the M3M company – can hold up to 30 seconds of high quality video, though the Blur single uses only 10 seconds. It’s a self-extracting file for PCs which is uncompressed and starts automatically.


Unlike MP3 files which can contain entire tracks of CD quality music and have to be played on a player such as WinAmp, the edisc is more of a marketing tool. Unlike MP3 files, ediscs have a maximum size of 1.4 MB they don’t take long to download and can be comfortably bulk-e mailed like the Blur single, or they can fit onto conventional 3.5″ floppy discs.

Click here to download a copy.

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