Early song by Damon Albarn available to download fanclub-only release details and Blur escape arrest up a pyramid...

An unreleased song written by BLUR’S DAMON ALBARN back in 1989 is now available to download from the internet, exclusively via

The song ‘Hippy Children’ was written by Damon and his then manager Graeme Holdaway under the name ‘Circus’ during the days the Blur frontman recorded and wrote material at the Beat Factory studio in London’s Euston area.

It was during this time that Holdaway helped put together Seymour, the band that signed to Food Records and later became Blur.

Hippy Children’ is about the 60s generation during Margaret Thatcher’s 1980s. Featuring Damon on vocals it’s the song that clinched him a deal with Food, according to the record label that’s releasing the song, Over18s Records.

The Perthshire-based label claims to have access to 30 or 40 unreleased Damon compositions.

The label’s David Kildare told NME he also has material recorded by Damon when he was in a band called Two’s A Crowd.

He said: “I’m a very big Blur fan and I think that the song that we’re putting out is the best one we have. Very few people have heard it.”

For more information, see this week’s NME.

To hear the track, click here – [url=]

Meanwhile, Blur FC, the offical Blur fan club, releases the fourth of its exclusive CDs to members this week.

The one track CD contains an early recording from when the band were still called Seymour.

The song, ‘Sing (to me)’ also comes from Beat Factory sessions and is a different version of ‘Sing’ which appeared on Blur’s debut album 1991 ‘Leisure’.

The CD accompanies the latest edition of Blurb, the official fan magazine. Anyone interested in joining Blur FC and receiving the CD and magazine should send and SAE for more information to Blur FC, PO Box 525, Stoke-On-Trent, ST7 2YX.

Finally, bassist Alex James has revealed the band got arrested on top of a Mexican pyramid during their tour of Central and South America at the end of last year.

James said they had climbed the sacred Pyramid Of The Sun at the ancient site of Teotihuacan near Mexico City to see the dawn when they were arrested by a member of Mexico’s notoriously corrupt police force for “defaming” the sacred soil.

He continued: “We bribed a guard to get in. Then when we got to the top we met apparently the only Mexican cop who wouldn’t take a bribe. We got arrested and things got a bit hairy. We managed to wriggle out of it, but they were all speaking Spanish, so I don’t know how.”