Latest video proves that when the going gets weird, the weird get going...

Blur have turned guitarist Graham Coxon into an animated milk carton in a bizarre video for their new single ‘Coffee & TV’, out on June 28 through Food/Parlophone.

The six-minute promo is based on the idea that a ‘missing person’ photo on the side of a milk carton, as they have in the US, comes to life and goes looking for its real-life alter-ego. It eventually finds the wandering guitarist rehearsing with Blur and shames him into going back to see his family.

The film was made by Hammer & Tongs who recruited the Jim Henson Creature Workshop for the special effects, as they did with Blur‘s labelmates Supergrass on the clip for their current hit ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’.


Hammer & Tongs co-partner Dominic Leung said: “The song sounded like a bit of a journey so we came up with this idea. The band wanted something a bit off the wall, so they all really love it!”

As previously reported, ‘Coffee & TV’ is written and sung by Coxon and is backed with remixes by each member of Blur of ‘Bugman’, the original of which can be found on the band’s current album, ’13’.