Melvyn Bragg and arts establishment immortalise Blur joining SBS 'greats' like UB40 and Joan Collins...

Blur get the heavyweight arts flagship slot previously accorded such greats as UB40 though, more seriously, Damon claims in the programme that The South Bank Show‘s documentary on The Smiths inspired him to form a band. “I was round at Graham‘s house,” he recalls, “and I remember thinking, ‘No-one is going to tell me that pop music is finished’.”

Let’s hope this hour has some similar effect. Focused on the pre-Reading warm-up show at Goldsmith’s College, there’s plenty of ‘candid’ interviews, a guide to Colchester from Damon (this week: Essex lad, again) and, most attractively, a peek into Alex‘s social life.

But wait a minute: didn’t The Smiths split up soon after their South Bank Show?

The South Bank Show: Blur – End Of A Century is on Sunday, November 21, ITV, 11.15pm