nme.com has heard that the Blur frontman is to follow in the footsteps of bandmate Graham Coxon...

DAMON ALBARN could be following in the footsteps of Blur guitarist Graham Coxon by recording a solo album, nme.com has been told.

According to sources, the debut solo LP will be produced by hip-hop star Dan The Automator and is slated for release early next year.

A spokesperson for Dan The Automator told nme.com: “Yes, he’s [Dan‘s] been producing Damon‘s solo album. Dan has started working on it already, but that’s all I know about it.”

She also added that Damon had provided vocals for ‘Deltron 30/30’ from Dan The Automator‘s forthcoming album, which is due to be as the first single from the LP on September 18 through 75 ARK. The album is slated to follow soon after.

However, Blur‘s press office wouldn’t confirm that a solo Damon album was on the way.

A spokesperson said: “Damon did go into the studio with Dan The Automator, and they’ve done some work together, but as far as we know, there’s not going to be a solo album.”

Damon has also been busy doing charity work and flew to Mali in West Africa last month (July) to work for Oxfam‘s ‘On the Line’ campaign, which was set up by Channel Four broadcaster Jon Snow and aims to highlight countries situated along the Meridian line and the positive links between the West and the developing world.

As previously reported, Blur release a ‘Best Of’ album in October, featuring new song ‘Black Book’, which they debuted at Scott Walker’s Meltdown Festival at the London South Bank Royal Festival Hall in June.

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