Scarred and shorn Albarn speaks out for a Socialist mayor...

Blur‘s Damon Albarn sported a huge black eye and stitches in his face when he supported Ken Livingstone‘s bid to become mayor of London at a rally in Camden at the weekend.

Damon, who also revealed a new haircut, sustained the injuries when he fell off his bike the week before and still looked worse for wear when he arrived at London’s Camden Centre for Ken‘s rally.

Livingstone, or Red Ken as his adversaries call him, is trying to be elected as the Labour mayoral candidate over MPs Glenda Jackson and ‘official’ choice Frank Dobson.


Damon has previously supported former head of the GLC Ken in his campaign against student fees. Livingstone also appeared on Blur‘s The Great Escape in 1995.

A spokesperson for Damon told NME: “He’s been friends with Ken for a while, and just wanted to help him out again.”

Damon said: “It isn’t very democratic what the Labour Party is doing to stop Ken Livingtstone becoming mayor. I just want to say that Ken‘s my man.”

Other speakers at the rally included Drop the Dead Donkey star Neil Pearson.

Click here for more on Livingstone‘s campaign.

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