Plus Damon says film score he wrote for cannibal movie changed his life..

DAMON ALBARN has written a film soundtrack with composer Michael Nyman and has said that being a composer rather than a pop star may be the way forward for his work.

Albarn and British composer Nyman – previous film credits include Peter Greenaway‘s films and the recent ‘Gattaca’ – wrote the score for ‘Ravenous’, the film by British director Antonia Bird (who made ‘Face’ in which Damon had a supporting role) about cannibalism in the early American west.

“I get less and less satisfaction out of anything other than the creative process,” he said in an interview with The Observer yesterday. “Doing the film score changed my life, because I realised I can make passionate music without having to justify it. No lyrics to analyze. I don’t want to be a songwriter anymore. I want to be a composer.”


He also admitted in the interview that ‘Beetlebum’, from ‘Blur’, was about heroin, though he did not go into any details.

Blur play yet another semi-private gig tonight at the Hippodrome to an audience of competition winners as part of Radio 1’s ‘Lamaq Live’.

You can hear the gig on Radio 1 from 8pm onwards.

Having reinvented himself as cockney wideboy, English slacker and heartbroken lover, is Damon about to transform himself into a serious composer? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

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