New tracks included on release of 'No Distance Left To Run'...

Blur have confirmed the b-sides for ‘No Distance Left To Run’, the third single released from their platinum selling album ’13’ released on November 8.

The CD1 and cassette versions of the single are backed by new track

‘So You’ ‘Tender’ (Cornelius remix)


CD2 features the title track alongside

‘Battle’ (UNKLE remix) ‘Beagle 2’

‘Beagle 2’ is the song Blur recorded to be beamed back to earth from the Mars probe Beagle 2 – after the ship in which Darwin sailed to the Gallapagos Islands – in 2003.

The video for ‘No Distance Left To Run’ was shot over four nights in each of the band members houses, capturing footage of them asleep in their beds. The video concludes with Damon being awoken from his sleep and asked what the song is about, to which he replies “It’s a warning and kind of gentle reminder”. It is directed by Thomas Vinterberg who achieved critical acclaim with Dogma 95 film ‘Festen’ earlier this year.

As previously reported, Blur have already recorded a live version of ‘No Distance Left To Run’ for Top Of The Pops.

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