The Blur frontman reveals he was the stereotypical drunken student - but he doesn't mention traffic cones...

BLUR mainman DAMON ALBARN has confessed to being arrested “a lot” while living in LONDON in his early twenties – mainly for being “drunk and disorderly”.

Speaking in an interview with Q magazine, Albarn, now 32, described his life a decade ago. He said: “I was arrested a lot in my early twenties – drunk and disorderly. I once got arrested on Peckham High Street for dismantling a Belisha beacon and walking down the middle of the road with it stuck on a scaffolding pole.

“And I narrowly escaped arrest after trying to change the hands on the clock at the top of the tower on New Cross Town Hall. The worst time was at a private viewing at the Slade School Of Fine Art. I got really pissed and was found by police hugging a tramp at Euston Station. When I woke I was sharing a cell with a Gurkha who had got drunk while on leave from the Army, he was ranting in Nepalese and I was very confused.”


Albarn also confesses to violence against his fellow band members, especially “annoying” bassist Alex James. While claming he “hasn’t punched anyone in a long time”, he said: “I used to punch Alex a lot. He used to say really annoying things deliberately. I almost think he liked being punched.”

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