Blur say they don’t know if new album is ‘the full stop at the end of a chapter or book’

The Britpop group release 'The Magic Whip' on April 27

Blur have described their new album as “a great big positive punctuation mark”, but say they’re unsure as “whether it’s a full stop at the end of a chapter” or “end of a book”.

Guitarist Graham Coxon recently spoke to Uncut about the making of ‘The Magic Whip’, their first album in 12 years.

Coxon said: “I view it as a great big positive punctuation mark. I don’t know whether it’s the full stop at the end of a book or whether it’s a full stop at the end of a chapter. I don’t think any of us know that yet.


“That doesn’t mean any of us are going to stop making music. Music is a constant with us. Damon will make music whether it’s with Blur or doing other things, he’ll always be meandering along making music.”

Coxon also discussed what it was like to record ‘The Magic Whip’. He revealed: “It was made with no pressure, which I think is a good thing. It’s experimental, not forcibly experimental.

“I got into this idea that it’s sci-fi folk music. That English thing of melancholia was there. So I had these ideas with ‘New World Towers’ to make a sci-fi ‘Greensleeves’ part in the middle. I think us English boys, at our age now, we’ve seen the music industry take this long dive over three decades, and also the world since we last made an album all together has changed radically. I think it reflects all of those things but also it reflect us at our age in this space and time. That’s what really excites me about this telepathic link with Damon (Albarn), interpreting his words. I seem to channel it very easily and I’ve never really seen it that way before.”

Blur release their new album ‘The Magic Whip’ on April 27. Earlier this month (March 20), they played the record in full at tiny west London club Mode to an audience of 300 fans. After performing ‘The Magic Whip’ in full, they ended with an encore of ‘Trouble In The Message Centre’ from 1994’s ‘Parklife’.

Speaking in the new issue of NME, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, Coxon also stated that making new album ‘The Magic Whip’ helped him “make amends” with singer Damon Albarn.

Coxon said: “Damon and I have an increased respect for each other because of this record, and we’re not ashamed to let each other know about that increased respect. But what we also have a lot of history, and our friendship – like any friendship between two people in a band together – has had to go through a lot. It’s been put to the test, and we’ve often let each other down. This record was a way of saying, ‘Sorry for being such a pain in the arse for the last 20 years.'”


Blur recently shared new songs ’Lonesome Street’ and ’There Are Too Many Of Us’. The band have already released lead single ‘Go Out’’.

The band will headline British Summer Time in London’s Hyde Park on June 20. They have also been announced as a headliner for this year’s Isle Of Wight festival and Benicàssim festival in Spain.

Drummer Dave Rowntree had confirmed that Blur will not be headlining Glastonbury this year.