Blur joined by Fred Armisen at LA gig for US-friendly version of ‘Parklife’ – listen

'Portlandia' star appeared on stage with the band at their Los Angeles show on Tuesday night (October 20)

Blur were joined onstage at their Los Angeles show on Tuesday night (October 20) by comedian and Portlandia star Fred Armisen.

Joining Damon Albarn and co for a rendition of ‘Parklife’ at the Hollywood Bowl, Armisen said: “I was thinking that this song could be about Griffith Park or Echo Park. What do you think?”, to which Albarn replied: “It’s about parks all around the world”.

Taking on Phil Daniels’ spoken word parts, Armisen proceeded to make the lyrics more American-friendly, changing “I get rudely awakened by the dustmen” to “When they come to pick up my recycling” and replacing “trousers” with “pants”.

Watch below.

Blur recently revealed the trailer for their new documentary ‘Blur: New World Towers’, which will be released on December 2, and features their Hyde Park gig from the summer.

The documentary is also expected to focus on the Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon’s band dynamic, going in-depth on how the band’s latest ‘Magic Whip’ came about as the first Blur four-piece album in sixteen years.

‘New World Towers’ – the title of a track on eight album ‘The Magic Whip’ – is the name of a building in Hong Kong. The city features in the film as the location of concert footage that concludes the filming, and as the opening to the album’s story. There will be interviews with band members, and insights that promise to look ‘inside’ the band.