Blur play ‘Trouble In The Message Centre’ live for first time in 20 years – watch

The band performed the 'Parklife' track at an intimate show in London last night (March 20)

Blur have delivered a rare live rendition of ‘Trouble In The Message Centre’.

The band performed a fanclub-only gig at West London club Mode last night (March 20), treating the 300-strong crowd to a preview of forthcoming new album ‘The Magic Whip’. They also performed ‘Trouble In The Message Centre’ for the first time in around 20 years. The track originally featured on the band’s 1994 album ‘Parklife’.

Frontman Damon Albarn told fans: “We haven’t played this for twenty years so we might be a bit rusty”. Watch the performance in the video below.

The show in question began at 7pm. “So obviously, we’re going to play our new record ‘The Magic Whip’ in sequence from beginning to end,” Damon told the crowd, who’d applied to attend by ballot. “Are you ready?”

The gig began with the album’s opening track, ‘Lonesome Street’, with Albarn spraying water from a bottle over the front rows halfway through the song, and the group’s backing vocalists, who were perched on a balcony above the right of the stage, whooped along to the outro.

During a heavy version of ‘Go Out’, the first track from the album to be made public, Albarn fronted up to the crowd to encourage them to sing along to the lyric about “going down the local”.

Earlier in the afternoon, the band played the same set for a friends and family audience.

Comedian Josh Widdecombe, in the crowd, said of the show: “Brilliant. Amazing. It made me very excited to hear the album. It made me very excited for the whole shebang that the summer of Blur of will be. To do a gig of new material and it go down like that is amazing. When I do new material I’m shitting myself so for them to do that they must have felt the same way!”

Blur recently shared new song ‘There Are Too Many Of Us’. The band release new album ‘The Magic Whip’ on April 27. The band have already released lead single ‘Go Out’.