Blur: ‘We kept the new album a secret because we didn’t have a record until yesterday’

Damon Albarn has said that their last album, 'Think Tank', contained some "real stinkers"

Blur have spoken about their new album ‘The Magic Whip’, which was announced earlier today (February 19).

Talking to BBC 6 Music, frontman Damon Albarn explained that the album was kept a secret because it wasn’t finished until yesterday.

“We finished mixing last Friday and we literally mastered it yesterday,” said Albarn. “The reason that we’ve kept it secret is because we didn’t have a record until yesterday!”


Albarn also discussed the band’s last album, 2003’s ‘Think Tank’, which was recorded without guitarist Graham Coxon. “It’s… got some real stinkers on it – there’s some bollocks on there,” he commented, adding that ‘The Magic Whip’ was a “proper Blur album” thanks to presence of Coxon. “There was an element of making amends with the guys but the fact [is] that I thought there was good music there and it’s a duty to deal with it,” said Coxon.

‘The Magic Whip’ comes out on April 27. Hear new song ‘Go Out’ below. Blur will also headline London’s Hyde Park for fourth time in June but Damon Albarn has said that Blur will play more than just one live show around new album ‘The Magic Whip’ with further gigs planned after the Hyde Park date.

‘The Magic Whip’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Lonesome Street’
‘New World Towers’
‘Go Out’
‘Ice Cream Man’
‘Thought I Was A Spaceman’
‘I Broadcast’
‘My Terracotta Heart’
‘There Are Too Many Of Us’
‘Ghost Ship’
‘Ong Ong’

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